Bertrand Gauguet plays the alto saxophone in solo or collective contexts of improvisation of new music. Also a composer of electronic music, he has produced many original pieces and soundtracks for dance, cinema and radio. He also makes field recordings for radio plays, films and live performance devices.
His interests explore the interplay of frequencies and their refraction, multiphony, sounds at the thresholds of audibility, breath and more broadly sound as a medium for meditation. His discography to date includes some twenty albums published by European labels.
He was laureate of the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto in 2011.

Collaborations with Éliane Radigue, John Tilbury, Sophie Agnel, Franz Hautzinger, Eddie Prevost, Isabelle Duthoit, Xavier Charles, Thomas Lehn, Carol Robinson, Pascal Battus, Eric La Casa, Robin Hayward, Michel Doneda, Thomas Korber, Tetsu Saïtoh, Cyprien Busolini, Andy Guhl, Mike Bullock, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Grands Lacs, Insub Meta Orchestra, Ensemble Un, Christian Barani (video), Christian Merlhiot (vidéo), Anne Durez (vidéo), Sophiatou Kossoko (choreographer), Catherine Contour (choreographer).