© Bertrand Gauguet

Radio-Art, [ 00:26.33 ], 2007

The layered composition of Capitalism evokes various components of the economic landscape of the twentieth century; the stock market, monetary data, the communist revolution(s)and other decisive political moments. The use of archival sound recordings (furnished by the commissioners of this work) permits the participation of several political giants Joseph Caillaux, Joseph Stalin, François Mitterrand), whose speeches had a determining impact on the above mentioned elements, as well as mass media economic news and stock market reports. These historical sources are perturbed by the additional presence of the the contemporary sound work Le Discours des Présidents by french artist Philippe Zunino who has sampled history in a similar manner. Within Capitalism, the intonation and content of these political speeches rest intact. Theses found rhythms are augmented, accompanied and contextualized by a music composed with a pallet generated specifically in resistance to music industry-“ready-to-eat” sounds. An exception are fleeting presence of the easily recognized, possibly nostalgic bleeping of popular video games (Pac Man) and dated sci-fi films (Star Wars).
Capitalism Is a sort of deambulation from one sound island to another, from one temporal pocket to another, where the serious collides with derision and where bombast transfigures to mysticism concocting a gentle estrangement from assumptions of control and understanding of the passage of time.
Radio Futura, the Future Places radio station,
Porto, 2010
RadiaLx2010, Festival internacional de Arte Radio, Lisboa, 2010
Festival du mois documentaire, Peuple et culture Marseille, 2009
Festival les Écrans documentaires, 2009
Tapages Nocturnes, France Musiques, 2007