chantier 4 – Inédits


Pascal Battus . in situ found objects
Bertrand Gauguet . Alto saxophone
Éric La Casa . Microphones

Espaces vides (30:42)
Parking (27:48)

Total Time : 58:29

Swarming Bandcamp 008-bis, 2020


With these unpublished recordings, we wish to make heard an important aspect of our work on the site of the Philharmonie, in 2013. Over the months, we have spent our time wandering, drifting in this maze of spaces in the making, in the middle of all these workers at work. In the Chantier 4 CD, we experimented with musical writing mainly in contact with workers in their workspaces. Here, we approach the other part of the project: that which concerns the freshly created interior spaces, awaiting function. There, in these bare and almost silent concrete interiors, we tried to move away from the representation of the site to explore the primary dimension of architecture: the making of interior space. Éric La Casa