imo archive #2

Antoine Läng (voice) – Bertrand Gauguet (saxophone) – Brice Catherin (cello) – Bruno Crochet (electronics) – Christian Müller (clarinet) – Christoph Schiller (spinett) – Christophe Berthet (saxophone) – Coralie Lonfat (laptop) – Cyril Bondi (percussions) – d’incise (electronics, objects) – Daniel Tyrrel (guitare) – Dorothea Schürch (voice, saw) – Dragos Tara (doublebass) – Eric Ruffing (electronics) – Gérald Perera (doublebass) – Gérald Zbinden (guitare) – Gregor Vidic (saxophone) – Hans Koch (bassclarinet) – Heike Fiedler (voice) – Jacques Demierre (piano) – Jamasp Jhabvala (violon) – Loïc Grobéty (bass, objects) – Luc Müller (percussions) – Marc Jufer (saxophone) – Marie Schwab (violon) – Otto Von Rhinau (electronics) – Patricia Bosshard (violon) – Regula Gerber (doublebass) – Rodolphe Loubatière (percussions) – Sébastien Branche (saxophone) – Steve Buchanan (saxophone) – Teresa Hackel (flutes) – Thomas Peter (laptop) – Vinz Vonlanthen (guitare) – Wanda Obertova (voiice) – Yann Leguay (electronics)

1. Line 1 mp3
2. Line 2 mp3
Download in MP3 (complete album in a zip)(40m17 / 59Mo)
Download in FLAC (complete album in a zip)(40m17 / 209Mo)
Recorded 31.08 – 02.09.2012, at Théâtre du 2:21, Lausanne, by Antoine Ether.

If the Archive#2 is published that close of the Archive#1 it’s because we thought crucial by this release to signifie the evolution and the work accomplished by the orchestra during its 2nd residency in the summer 2012. This one has indeed allowed to establish a much more defined direction, both easthetic and strategic, for the IMO’s near futur. After experimenting a large range of conductions type, IMO made the choice to work on and build a specific way to improvise in a large group, based on collective actions, on certain sounds, on volume controle, etc.
Line 1 is along drone, where each musician integrates it regarding its capacity to hold a continuous tone, slowly develloping the sonic mass’s timbre and spectrum. Line 2 is an improvisation where the orchestra explores a serie of matters, in strongly coherent blocs, naturally passing by various densities and colours.