Cyprien Busolini . alto
Bertrand Gauguet . alto saxophone

Oscillation 27:54
Vacillation 25:21

Total time : 53:17

CD – Akousis Records 004 – 2022

Selected reviews

Les deux musiciens entraînent les auditeurs dans les arcanes du son, au seuil de l’inaudible, de l’imperceptible, pour une célébration frémissante de beauté fragile. (Inactuelles.over-blog.com)

Long trails of hazy, evanescent sound spring from their encounter, slowly thickening from the pianissimi and then dissolving again into a luminescent dust. (Massimiliano Busti, Blow up)

“Miroir” flows on slow lines and the listener, ideally, runs through them just as calmly, watching the delicate movements of viola and sax draw atmospheres and scenarios that change while giving the impression of not doing so, like looking at the countryside from a window on an old train. (Piergiuseppe Lippolis, MusicMap)

An axial wobble aligning for magnetic textures. (Keith Prosk, Harmonic Series)

Defo one for undisturbed and focused nocturnal consumption, this. (Baze Djunkiii, Nitestylez)

The music has a strong meditative character and is slow in development. Yet, it never sounds like traditional minimalist drone music, as there seems to be more happening here, and the two bring out a fine amount of variation. (Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly 1351)