pièce commémorative pour Simon

Pascal Battus : rotatives surfaces
David Chiesa : double bass
Rhodri Davies : harp
Bertrand Gauguet : alto sax
Anouck Genthon : violin
Lê Quan Ninh : percussions
Lionel Marchetti : electronics
Jérome Noetinger : electronics
Jean-Luc Petit : contrabass clarinet
Mark Wastell : piano

Here is the second charity fundraiser release in memory of Simon H. Fell. All proceeds will be sent to his wife Jo. She has chosen to support a musician’s benefit charity.

In April, when Simon initially became ill, David Chiesa got in touch and suggested that it might be nice to send Simon a specially recorded piece of music, a sound postcard, to let him know that we where thinking of him and wishing him well. Unfortunately, Simon’s illness was so swift, we didn’t have time to finish it before he passed away. David had met Simon three years previously, when he’d invited him to play a duet. Their relationship continued and when David was re-inventing the UN large ensemble he incorporated Simon as a regular. Of the musicians here, all are members of UN, with the exception of Rhodri, Ninh and myself.

Pièce commémorative : Pour Simon was constructed organically, track by track, with the music being passed from musician to musician, each adding their own material to the piece independently of one another. The piano track acted as the foundation, David added his bass next, then Jerome, followed by Lionel and one by one, everybody else.

Recorded May and June 2020
Mastered by Lê Quan Ninh, July 2020

Cover photograph of Simon H. Fell by Fabio Lugaro, taken at Cafe OTO, London, 2 March 2018.