chantier 4


Pascal Battus . in situ found objects
Bertrand Gauguet . alto saxophone
Éric La Casa . microphones

Chantier 4 – part 1 (32:55)
Chantier 4 – part 2 (10:29)
Chantier 4 – part 3 (19:05)

Swarming 008, 2018

Selected reviews

The result is a soundscape at one hyper-real and phantasmagoric, rich, deeply plied, and absorbing, densely filled with sounds both recognizable and obscure, entrenched in the city yet isolated from it. Excellent work, among the best I’ve heard from all three of the musicians. >> Brian Olewnick, Just Outside, May 14th, 2018

The construction site has disappeared, and it’s not possible for Pascal Battus, Bertrand Gauguet, or Eric La Casa to experience the “performance” they took part in ever again. In affixing different recorded segments, they’ve constructed an album that mimics the hazy but evocative act of remembering a specific musical event. In a sense, they’ve condensed the conceit of Chantier 1 into something more compact and self-sufficient. More than ever, the chantier feels alive. >> Joshua Minsoo Kim, Toneglow, May 7th, 2018

This is, besides captivating, something that is beyond description; is it musique concrete, sound art, improvisation, field recording or composition? Most likely, I would say, it is a bit of all of this. Played freely on the location, using some interesting spots on the site to record from and thus documenting the temporary site that is always changing, but using these recordings to compose something that never existed in the first place, a virtual building site with a lot of sound. This is a great release. >> Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, April, 2018